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Because your mission matters

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Kia Ora,


I want you to live a life that feels delicious. This means honouring your soul, serving with power, and being abundantly rewarded.

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It might not feel that magnificent right now, but embodying magnificent consciousness will get you there.


If I sat down to connect with you, I know you would tell me three things.


+ I want to create a bigger service  but I don’t know how to make it work
+ I want to own my power and build deeper trust in myself because I keep stepping backwards
+ I want to learn how to serve more clients and create more income.


But, perhaps you feel fearful about saying it because you ‘should’ know how to do this already. Perhaps owning your power intimidates you just a little bit. Maybe even maybe,you feel ‘bad’ for talking about your desires and dreams because some ancient paradigm is overloading your vision to take care of your own needs.
… I can help you throw those records out. Most woman come to me because they know they have a unique alchemic process, or service they want to bring to life so they can call in the clients they love. And you can read more about my journey here..
My journey has led me through trainings and mentors, but nothing quite answered my souls yearning until I began creating things for myself. I didn’t know what I was creating, I just said YES, when ever it came. I knew I didn’t want to create just another training, I wanted to create a Metamorphosis.
I wanted to merge the journey to live from your soul, with REAL powerful service AND business strategy so this could be your full time path. First the Magnificence Process™, then The House of Magnificence..
This is my version of living magnificently. And my soul clients.. their journeys too are magnifiii…

My session with Kowhai was brilliant- in the way that she excellently held the space for my magnificence to shine and facilitated an exquisite and powerful intuitive process. There were clear insights, truths gleaned from my soul and specific actions for intentional transformation put in place. Her work is clear, graceful and pure. I loved working with her, would love to work with her again and would highly recommend Kowhai as a strategic and spiritual mentor.

Bek TomarchioJoyful Life Guide

I love Kowhai’s personality, relatable, intelligent and supportive of your business. My client base has increased since working with Kowhai and I also came up with my first Group program. I feel excited about the possibilities, my ability to reach my goals and make good money living my mission. I’m all about energy and alignment so working with Kowhai who embodies this is the only way I want to work with others to take my business forward.

Claire Mc FeeTransformation Mentor (Truth Compass Coaching)

Kowhai herself, is a dynamo of inspiration. She is endlessly supportive and understanding. She is wise well beyond her years and is a delight to share your journey with. Her dedication to her own practise shines through in her programs, her wealth of knowledge and experience of motivates you onwards on your own path. I count myself privileged to be able to work with her and call her a friend.

Rebecca CooperDesigner & Animal Intuitive

Kowhai's support and insight were invaluable in providing me with the decision to follow my heart and create the business of being me. Before I started the program every business and business idea I had were financially successful but all lacked the same one thing, my Soul
I had a HUGE shift, through working with Kowhai I saw and embraced my role as a leader rather than a teacher, I saw that if I didn't stepping up was the only option for me to feel fulfilled and that time was now. Knowing Kowhai was there, that she had my back and saw me as both who I was in the moment and who I could be was invaluable

Chizelle SharonWriter. Speaker. Creator of Beautiful Things.

Lets see where you are in

your soul purpose work,

& get you moving now.

I’m a huge fan of serving and leading with value, so I have a heap of content that you can get stuck into before you pay a cent.

Breathe Success into Your Soul Purpose Business

DAY 1: The Intuitive business model that gets successful results

DAY 2: The art of calling in your soul clients

DAY 3: Millennial marketing that makes money

Master Class Series

MASTERCLASS 1:Your Intuitive Business Model for Five Figure Months (whilst building your practice)

+ PRACTICE: The Only Tool You Need
+ SERVICE: Fulfil Your Sacred Contract
+ PROCESS: Expand Your Service Success

MASTERCLASS 2: Gracefully Calling In Your Soul Clients

Service Alchemy

Wondering just how you put all of your unique magnificence into a 1-1 service that you love AND gets you magnificent testimonials, clients referrals , and a list of clients?

It’s time to get super clear on what you are here to create.

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