​Leaders see their own fear.

For 150+ years, the system has created ‘factory’ workers. Learn a task, get really good at it, and get a job following those instructions. The fact is, we are in a time where factory workers are coming to realise that this really isn’t a way to live. Let alone, experience creativity or express leadership.

So, our greatest challenge now is to start practicing taking the lead. Will it feel uncomfortable? Yes. Will the ‘lizard’ brain, or subconscious fear patterns come out in full force? Oh yes.

Leaders see their own fear, and say yes anyway. That’s why they’re leaders. Most say no, most say maybe next time. Leaders meet it, so that they have a ‘story’ that they can narrate and ‘call in’ people who seek to meet those exact fears.

Are you seeing fear and are you meeting it? 

If it’s a big fat yes, start narrating your story and build your tribe.

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