3 reason why your unique magnificence is needed

First, let me explain your unique magnificence.

It is a term that rings true to me and my work – but when broken down in its simplest form, means this.


Spiritual perspective:

  1. We are all magnificent. No more or less magnificent than anyone else
  2. Your journey here on Earth school, is to realise this, activate it, and live it.
  3. Because… you are apart of the one mind, that knows everything that has ever happened and ever will happen. You are, God herself.
  4. You are pure, unlimited consciousness and have the power to go beyond time and space to activate your true potential (see you later 5 year plan, hello quantum leaps)


Entrepreneur perspective:

  1. You are the purple cow. Without having to wish it into form – you are here to create something so unique that your success is inevitable.
  2. Can you make money from your gifts? Uh huh honey. You are here to make money from your true talents. Does it take work? Of course, because no one sees the world the way you do, so it’s your job, to guide us through your process.
  3. Do people need what you have? Yes yes and all of the yes. We do. They do. Because you fill the ‘gap’, combine your life skills and experiences, with your vision… no one else can help is in the way that you can.


This leads us to, your unique magnificence and the 3 core reasons why we need it.


  1. There are so many people in your community and your life that look to you for guidance in one way or another. Lead them. Teach them.
  2. Your duty, whether you believe it or not, is to fulfil this. So,  do what you need to do to make empowered decisions that honour this. Do the crying, do the ‘dying’, do the re-creating, and try again. Because God herself, is right by your side saying Yes. You’ve got this.
  3. This is your true nature. You are not limited. You are in fact the exact opposite. Your life so far, the events you have experienced, the relationships you have had, have all been leading to this moment. And will continue to direct you, because you are magnificent.

Now all you need to do, is make the choice to believe this. Deconstruct and reconstruct your consciousness so limitations are no longer in your energy field. Believe it – believe the science, believe the ancient scripture, believe the 23 year old millionaires who know this to be so true, that this is the only way they choose to live their lives.

Don’t believe it, stay limited. Stay wondering. Stay conflicted. If you want to own your unique magnificence, the first and most empowering step is to be willing. Willing to say yes, Willing to make the changes that support your yes. Willing to take action from the space of yes.


If you want to feel inspired, take action, fuel your soul and say yes to your unique magnificence.. You might decide that the retreat you’ve always wanted to go on is now non negotiable. The mentor you’ve been dying to work with, IS indeed happening. The habits you want to implement, are no longer on the back burner.

From here, your magnificence will unfold. It’s a spiritual fact. Now, I’d love to hear from you.

What are the 3 fear blocks stopping you from saying, Yes, I am willing? Journal it out, and take to your mat.



Kowhai xx