A Revolutionary Vision

A Revolutionary Vision

A revolutionary vision is symbolic and is received beyond the reasoning conscious mind. Which means, more often than not, it will feel outrageous. The vision itself will trigger both your fear, which is a projection of the ego, and a deep sense of inspiration and imagination. A powerful principle to bathe in?

There is no order of difficulty in miracles – A Course In Miracles.

A miracle is a shift in perception. It is a conscious contraction release. A revolutionary vision is only as revolutionary as our ability to open our mind and our hearts to see things differently. Only then do we really understand the power and depth of a miracle. And when this is understood, the power of our miracle reception is exercised, and the illusion of miracle order cast aside.

With order cast aside, we begin to understand our vision. We see that there is no vision greater than another, and we each have a specific vision that only we can bring to life. Race, gender, or social hierarchy, is irrelevant. What is, is our individual commitment to trust in the vision itself.

However, we can trust a revolutionary vision only as much as we trust in our limitless power. Where limitation resides, so does our inability to take action.

How do we take action and what is the right action? Spiritual paradox tells us that there is no right action. There only IS action. All action is an effect of thought. This is law. Our greatest compass resides in our ability to take action from our heart. To trust our feeling state. To which in itself is the gateway to ultimate consciousness.

Without a symbolic vision, our action is limited. Our service creation, dedication to our students and discipline is infused with far less revolutionary growth than we truly have access to.

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