Welcome, here is how we live magnificently.

My Soul: fierce, gentle, and queen in command, has directed me to revolutionise my view on the world AND my place in it.

Thus, creating a powerful replicable process that leads as a road map to clear fear, and help seekers like you experience their unique magnificence in service. This process provides you with intuitive mastery to awaken your own place in the world of service. The House of Magnificence is a school where intuitive mastery meets spiritual business so you can be trained in a framework that empowers your Practice, Service and Process (Spiritual business practice) so you lead in entrepreneurial-ship.

Here you will learn how to be an expression of your unique magnificence.

This is my purpose and I would be honoured for you to join me on this journey.
I am a master facilitator in reforming modern soulful living through service + success.
I love to mentor spiritual revolutionists and entrepreneurs.
I do this for woman ready to live in limitless grace in service and in the world.
My client wants to feel powerful, purposeful and magnificently successful in business.
By working with me you will have an intuitive business model that will give you more power to serve.

My unique offer

Established after a wild awakening and 10 years of spiritual and academic education. Deeply immersed in ancient scripture, studying with spiritual mentors, and remembering to return home to wholeness.

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++ The Magnificence Process™

+++ The House of Magnificence

Learn the language of the universe

Transformation occurs as your daily experience is improved by bringing awareness to the multidimensional layers of your being. The science of yoga, and modern physics proves that your physical being is beyond solid matter. The science of Yoga proves that when we observe the subtle sensations through the physical body, we learn the language of vibrational frequency. I call this the language of the universe. 

What Kowhai looks like on paper

Kowhai is a devoted yogini, meditation warrior, and committed student currently based in Auckland, New Zealand. Her yearning for learning has meant she has acquired a colourful basket of knowledge. BA in Events Management, Maori Cultural Development, Personal Training, Teacher of Yoga (400hr+), Kowhai has studied with great spiritual teachers of the world, spiritual business mentors, and gained wisdom from the sacred texts that help her ground her spiritual seeking each day.

Based in Bali + New Zealand.

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