Are you a Revolutionist or a Teacher?

Are you a Revolutionist or a Teacher?

The difference between a revolutionist and teacher within the context of universal spiritual principle understanding, is not to deny either of these archetypes of their power, but to merely help you see the nature of their power through discussion, and possible help you identify where you are in service.

A spiritual teacher is someone who has a deep understanding of their spiritual discipline, offering guidance and instruction to those who seek it out.They relay powerful transitions for individual inner transformation. They focus on creating experiences and services that instruct and discuss application, so that an awareness of our oneness can lead us to self actualise and live from the real truth of who we are.

A Revolutionist, is someone who has great focus on growth and human development who can see past preconceptions within a field, who construct their service through the lense and awareness of our oneness. What I do for another, I do for myself. What I do for myself I do for others. What is happening outside of me, is happening inside of me.

When we receive the call to be a revolutionist in our service, we shift our services from instruction and guidance to create an energetic force and or movement for the purpose of the development of all.

Both require spiritual intelligence and spiritual discipline, yet one could argue that one archetype requires more service stamina than the other. This of course is dependant on the level of service in action.

A teacher who serves in great action, is in fact serving the development of the whole. However, most teachers in the spiritual community are teaching others on their journey to self actualise. These students are willing. They have consciously made a choice to receive the the teachings. A spiritual teacher often serves those who are ready, or on the path to be, not by choice, but simply because that is the nature of the power exchange between teacher and student

A spiritual revolutionist, uses self actualised sight and their devotion to constitution to create change outside of their direct community, in hope to break tribal patterns that are at the effect of disempowering cycles of behaviour. This can be seen through the lense of social, political, economic and environmental development. A spiritual revolutionist often emerges when someone does not shy away from the effects of the fear based thinking that dominate the world, and strives fearlessly to create powerful timeless solutions for the development of the world. A spiritual revolutionists, is versatile in their delivery and devoted to collective development.

Both archetypes harness a great deal of power in service, and both archetypes can be called on at one time. There is no need to fear that we must make a sacrificial decision here. The only need is to take responsibility and understand the deeper meaning of being in service.
We are now in a time where we are being called to serve beyond ourselves, beyond our communities, beyond our own spiritual awakening desired. Today we are being called to evolve. Too long have our communities served only those within our community, too long have we followed spiritual self indulgence.

May today be the day we change that, may today be the day we commit to revolutionary action, may today be the day we answer the question, are we truthfully doing all that we can?

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