Can life not be so mediocre? I say Yes…

By September 9, 2017Spirituality, Yoga

Can life not be so mediocre? I say Yes…

A Course in Miracles says the people who have achieved in this lifetime, have only achieved a fraction of what is possible for every human being on this planet.

Think Albert Einstein, Ganhdi, even Jesus…

When I first heard this, I felt like someone had just given me permission to be extravagant in my ventures. A get out of jail free card for my imagination. Some people go in the other direction, thinking “Sh*t – what am I doing with me life?”.

Which ever side you are on, I want to offer you this…”

“Ok, What else is possible?” – a powerful mantra shared by my mentor that helps me stay inspired  to move forward. To meet my limiting beliefs and forgo my ‘finite’ self.

I’m assuming if you’re reading this article, you’re feeling a little mediocre right now. You most probably have had intuitive hit after hit saying  “there’s more to life than this” yet the actionable steps seem to be blurred. Distant. Somehow out of reach. I’ve got some fabulous news. I’ve got your next step right here.


Now, before you roll your eyes and ditch the rest of the post. Let me share this with you.

The first time I sat: My palms completely sweaty, my body frozen, and I almost had a panic attack. “Oh my goodness, I must be crazy, I can’t even sit still”

The one hundredth time I sat: “Ok, is this business idea coming from a place of fear or love” 

We all suck when we first start.

Through practice and discipline, we can begin to master one of the most profound tools available. Still not convinced?… Well here’s some evidence.

The Evidence

Benefits of mindfulness meditation is common knowledge. (Unless you’ve been living under a rock). They are: an increase of health, happiness, self control, new and beneficial brain activity (you actually increase your intelligence). As a disciplined well oiled meditation practitioner, I’m no longer interested in these states.

I’m more interested in the forms of meditation that transcend fears and limitations which keep me in living in a space of feeling  ‘mediocre’. The form of meditation that connects you directly to the infinite. The Universe. Your highest self.

Here, is where we can access information beyond our own intellect. Here, life is definitely not mediocre. Venice Bloodworth calls it the “One Mind’, Gregg Braden calls it “The Divine Matrix’. I call it, “The Space of Magnificence”. And how do we apply this to our everyday life? Well, we take a step further and we learn how to apply the laws that rule the universe.

What are these laws? Ricci Jane Adams describes these laws as:

  • The Law of Mentalism: Everything is created by thought.
  • The Law of Correspondence: The thoughts and images we hold in our consciousness and subconscious mind will manifest their exact likeness in our external reality.
  • The Law of Vibration: Science has provided the evidence, everything is energy. When we know ourselves as an energetic being, we begin working with this law. Energy first, physical second.

Venice Bloodworth describes these laws as being similar to gravity and the movement of the sun. “By law, the sun will rise and the sun will set – it does not require our belief for it to happen” (Bloodworth).

What do these laws have to do with meditation?

Well. When we meditate, we learn how to experience these laws. And here’s now.

In The Yoga Sutras, there are 3 states/stages of meditation. Dharana, Dhyana,  Samahdi.

Stage 1:Dharana: The action state of meditation – you learn to focus your attention. Still hearing your thoughts, and experiencing the ‘chaos’ of the mind fluctuations. But, you practice ‘focusing’

Stage 2:Dhyana: A continuous state of concentration or focus on a singular object at one time without experiencing the conversations of the mind.

Stage 3:Samahdi: The experience of Harmonious union with all that is.

You see, I could talk about this all day. The study of self has (and is) the fuel for my continuous evolution. I am constantly asking myself. Is this really true? How does this make me feel? And my most favourite (and sometimes painstakingly annoying) – Yes, but why?

Ok, so what do I do with all of this information?


Want more magnificence in your life? Join me..

Option 1: 2.5 hour workshop (Book here) (Auckland, New Zealand).

Option 2: Book a complimentary discover call with me.

From my heart chakra to yours,

Kowhai x


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  • The Key To Yourself – Venice Bloodwroth
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  • A Course in Miracles

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  • Emma Edmonds says:

    Amazing korero not sure if this will work for me but I’m willing to do this. Need lots of clearing and clarity in my head and heart.
    Nga mihi emma

  • Kowhai says:

    All we need to be is willing – that in itself will welcome miracles. Noho ora Emma! x

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