Clearing distractions

Clearing distractions is taking responsibility about where you ‘spend’ your energy.

When you lead a mission, you are in service to the mission as a whole. The mission itself, those who you are leading, and of course, yourself. Anything that distracts you from that, simply needs to go.

Your subconscious mind (in psychology terminology) represents the part of your belief system that motivates unknown (or less conscious) behaviour patterns. Ie, why do I react when ‘Jonny’ doesn’t put his dishes in the dishwasher. Ie. Why is it that I obsessively work seeking to get, instead of powerfully working to give knowing that I will receive.

These distractions won’t evaporate overnight. Unless you want them to. The first step, is to notice them, and acknowledge they are there.

All of my magnificent love, Kowhai xx

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