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Ingredients included for your Cocoon Concoction..

Thought provoking, high level, easy to fill in Handbook

(Valued at $119)

One Meditation (lead by Kowhai)

(Valued at $25)

3 Short Training Videos

(Valued at $49)

Total Value: $193. Access Today for FREE

Short, powerful training videos so you can create from anywhere in the world!

Learn to see (#1)

Every successful mission needs to offer transformation. Learn how to connect to the mission purpose.

Learn to create (#2)

Lead with confidence and passion. Discover how to call in those who believe what you believe.

Learn to take action (#3)

People need to know how you can change their lives. Its time to get it out into the world.

Complete the training & leave with:

Get down to the core of your mission and the problem you are solving, so that you stop shouting at everyone, and talk directly that ‘someone’.

Missions need leaders. And leaders need conviction. Leave with confidence knowing exactly what your recipients can achieve by working with you so that you stop questioning!

Leave with a tank full of passion, and a carefully crafted mission statement so that you spend less time scrolling Facebook and more time executing action!

Have an offer that supports your mission, so that you stop taking 2 steps forward and 3 steps backwards and start preparing to work from anywhere in the world!

So sit down, take a moment, and let’s enter the cocoon!

Your Mission Matters.

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