Healing at the deepest level needs no external substance. Healing is a process that can be fast tracked, or slowed right down.

So much of the ‘health’ industry has directed the healing process towards providing an external ‘cure’. And this can slow the process down.

Green smoothies, vitamins, kombucha..The truth is. These heal at the level of effect. They are ‘sticky plasters’ causing temporary fixes. True healing begins and ends at the level of cause.

So why not go directly to the cause?

More often than not, it means we have to make a shift that will change our world, our view of it, and how we behave in that ‘world’.But because this is often too much for our human mind to comprehend, we choose to use sticky plasters.

I began using less sticky plasters 5 years ago. I can proudly say, I don’t remember the last time I used one. And because of that, I also stopped playing by the rules of ‘time and space’. Things happen quicker. I see much better. And I heal at the deepest level.

Want to start throwing out your plasters?

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