Magnificent Medicinal Retreats

What if you knew exactly how to speak with your soul?

One Universal Truth

Your soul never stops communicating with you, learn the metaphysic mechanics of the founding universal spiritual principles, and you will master this internal conversation. With this, everything in your life will be amplified, and magnificent success will be undeniable.

I packed my life into a back pack and headed to cocoon in Bali, oh my, if only I knew what I was saying yes to...

I immersed myself in the healing arts, completing training after training, and developing a fierce daily practice, so that I had an abundance of tools to do the work.

After gracefully filling my first online group program as a mentor offering spiritual practice development from the comfort of my bungalow in the rice fields to woman from all corners of the world with a burning desire to deepen their understanding about who they were, and what they were here to do.

I had fallen in love with the path of 'service'

Maybe you have fallen in love with the path too?

As my service offers evolved my yearning to serve grew stronger, never shying from the core truth that held all of my offers together, mastery of the soul. Through the gateway of devotion, I began to experience each pivotal principle that was vital on the path to mastery of the soul. My faith increased, along with my conviction, and my soul purpose work expanded in quantum progression. This is when I shifted my spiritual mentoring with the potent power of spiritual intelligence and alchemy – the transformation of engineering ‘substance and matter’.

And thats why I created Magnificent Medicinal Retreats.

A series of soul medicinal intensives uniquely crafted to elevate you on your purposeful journey to live unbound in life, in love, and in service.

What if you had unwavering trust in those internal conversations?

You know you want to go deeper, but there are a few things that stop you in your tracks

You have..

Tried to turn up your mentoring services to offer powerful transformation for your clients, but you constantly get lost in the ‘spiritual conscious’ conversations.

Been to workshop after workshop, and nothing has landed for you, and you’re confidence to charge has plummeted. 

Felt the shift, and you are ready to take your seeking deeper. Having an ungrounded understanding of the what takes place on your purposeful path of service, just isn’t working for you. 

A service offer already, but no one seems to ‘get’ the transformation, or be willing to pay you for it, leaving you stuck in an internal dialogue of self doubt, and you are hemorrhaging self esteem.

Magnificent Medicinal Intensive Retreats teaches you how to solve these problems.

Spiritual Intelligence

3 Day Retreat Intensive that will teach you how to intuitively locate fear in the field of energy, so that you can identify the exact problem that is causing suffering.

Activate Your Spiritual Intelligence

You may feel like you do not have spiritual intelligence…

Spiritual Intelligence the activation of spiritual principles. Thi retreat has been uniquely crafted for seekers and experts in their field who know they can take their knowledge further. The truth is, spiritual intelligence was mastered by the likes of Moses, Jesus, and Buddha. For the rest of us, we practice it, so why not deepen your practice now?   

You may still be working out how to trust your intuition..

Intuition is innate to us all. It is our sixth sense. The only way to trust it, is to practice. Learn how you ‘hear’ it and take action. The 3 day intensive, is a combination of theory, universal spiritual principles, and practical action!

You may wonder why spirituality and business go together

Spiritual intelligence teaches you to locate problems at the ‘core’ of the issue. When you seek to solve issues in business (or your love life), there is always a parallel conversation happening at a deeper level, there is no time to waste addressing problems at the surface level.  

It's time to take your service to a whole new level

Take faith and trust to the deepest level, let go of any conflicting beliefs that are causing you to judge others, get clear on exactly what you believe so that you can offer your services confidently.  

Never second guess your hits of inspiration for ego projections by being a fluent soul speaker, taking bigger and greater leaps than you ever could through strategy or planning. 

Develop Magnificent Sight so that you can confidently give a spiritual diagnosis by intuitively locating energy blocks in your own, or your clients energy field.

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Soul Language

Learn the language of your soul so that you unlock your magnificence, taking action on the things that are meant for you, and leaving behind the things that aren’t.


Convert Consciousness

Discover how to intuit the Kosha’s (5 layers of  the human energy field) so that you can learn to master what is blocking you, or your clients from magnificent health, true happiness and success.


Spiritual Diagnosis

Too often do people diagnose ‘problems’ at the level of the body, why not learn how to diagnose directly at the level of cause so that you can intelligently provide real solutions to help you and your client say yes to the next big thing.

Or perhaps you want to get straight into engineering your future?

Alchemise Your Future

4 Day Retreat Intensive that will teach you the mechanics of metaphysics to engineer your future, so that you can stop taking action on things that are not for you.

Use Alchemy To Engineer Your Future

You keep taking action on service offers out of fear
When there is fear, your guidance is unclear. Learn how to soften and disintegrate your fear boundaries so that you say yes to soul purpose work that continues to evolve

Your affirmations just aren’t cutting it…
Alchemise your future takes you beyond ‘asking’ and ‘hoping’ – dive into the mechanics of metaphysics, and discover exactly what you need to do to receive accurate guidance, and tap into the stamina you need to bring that guidance to life

The guidance you are receiving is coming in dribs and drabs
The sacred communicates through metaphor, learn how to demystify your impressions so that you can relax into the process, with precise and informative insights that are grounded and actionable

Take ownership of your future and trust the soul guidance you receive

Discover how much power there is when you let the soul desires guide you instead of the quick fix ego set backs so that you fall in love with your soul purpose work instead of feeling disconnected and stuck.

Initiate your future service through subconscious engineering, no more visualising or repeating affirmations, connect to the exact archetypal energy you need to call in the success you know is yours

Learn how to intuitive identify impressions of your future, so that you know what steps will help you take leaps, and what steps you can pass on by.

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Rest + Restore

Land gracefully, enjoy a full massage, sauna and facial experience as you soften into Mama Bali’s welcoming energy. It’s time to soulfully retreat.



Soft boundaries are often overlooked, by others and mostly by ourselves. Learn how to bring awareness and acceptance of where you are, and where you desire to go.



We have forgotten our power to initiate impressions and receive guidance. Learn to see clearly so that you know exactly what the next step is, and how to go about it.


Sacred Guidance

Discover how you uniquely receive impressions so that you are always receiving revolutionary insights for yourself and your clients.

Why are Magnificent Medicinal Retreat Intensives so unique?
Metaphysics Methods (No Fluff)

All of Kowhai teachings are delivered through the lens of metaphysics and mechanics. Don’t expect memorised philosophy, get ready to learn how, why and what so that you leave knowing exactly what can be done to construct your future.
Interactive Workshop

(Ask questions, direct guidance). When you are learning the founding principles to learn the language of the soul, you will uncover a lot of questions. That’s why everything is delivered in an interactive format. With handbooks and audio recordings for you to take away.
Sunrise Practice

(Lead by Kowhai) Every aspect of your life is magnified when you rise with the sun, clear stagnant energy and find clarity in stillness. Become a prowess of practice, each day we roll out your mat, so that your time in Bali is transformative.

Which Magnificent Medicinal Retreat Intensive Is Calling You?

Spiritual Intelligence Retreat Intensive


  • 3 Nights Accomodation, 2 daily meals, airport pick up.
  • 3 Daily Sunrise Practices
  • 3 x Spiritual Intelligence Workshops
  • Handbook and Workshop Audio Recordings
  • Ubud, Bali
  • Arrive 29th August, Check Out 1st Sept
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Alchemise Your Future Retreat Intensive


  • 4 Nights Accomodation, 2 daily meals, airport pick up.
  • 3 Daily Sunrise Practices
  • 3 x Alchemise Your Future Workshops
  • Full Day Spa Treatment (Sauna, Massage, Scrub)
  • Handbook and Workshop Audio Recordings
  • Ubud, Bali
  • Arrive 1st Sept, Check out 5th Sept
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You are providing your clients with a professional, spiritual diagnosis, and you no longer feel stumped on mentoring.

Soul conversations are no longer illusive to you. You have a deep understanding of the principles and can offer transformative techniques. You are journeying to mastery.

You are ready to completely reshape your mentoring services, Kowhai’s unique mechanics of metaphysics have helped you develop the understanding to confidently stand in your power in any conversation. 

How does it feel deepening your soul purpose through mastery of the soul?

Mentor for Spiritual Revolutionists

Meet the creator of all things magnificent

Kowhai is an international mentor for spiritual revolutionists who has said yes to her soul purpose work in a magnificent way.

She combines spiritual and innovative business solutions to help women on the path of service serve with power, online and in the world. Kowhai built her own business from the ground up, and continues to train woman to do the same.

You will find Kowhai cocooning in Bali where she continues to build missions that matter, or you may even catch her trotting across the globe, serving and inspiring woman to create a purposeful and magnificent life in service.

What if I don't have a business yet?

No problem, this is an offer to deepen self or profession. The content of each intensive will serve you no matter where you are in your journey.

Will you hold the retreat intensives again?

Potentially. As an ever evolving service offer, the first time it is offered the price will always be a bit less, never less will the teachings be any less potent.

Is the retreat intensive in Bali?

Yes, in Ubud, Bali. Flights and insurance are not included in price.

Is this the introductory intensive for something bigger?

Yes, these intensives are workshops offered inside my 6 month training program with The House of Magnificence. Want to know more? Email

Do you have payment plans and offer refunds?

There are no payment plans for the intensives, and Kowhai does not offer refunds. You are welcome to transfer the intensive to another person.

Can I teach the methods Kowhai offers in the intensive?

No, this is for personal use. You can complete the full training in the 6 month program with The House of Magnificence which gives you a deeper understanding of the full Magnificence Process™.

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Spiritual Intelligence Retreat Intensive


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Alchemise Your Future Retreat Intensive


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