Mission Ignition

How would you feel if you knew your mission was waiting for you to say yes?

The truth is.. It most definitely is

All you need to do is take action and clear doubt before that mission of yours begins to melt

I was inspired to create real change

I’ve been in business for 2 years. For the first 1.5 years, I was part time, a few small program successes, I delivered an international workshop, launched a uniquely engineered alchemic process and still my soul yearned something greater. So, I prepared myself for radical change.

The real uncomfortable kind of change. Do you ever feel like this?

A week after saying “I want to take bigger action” a series of miraculous and brave took place, and I was on a flight back to Bali with one intention. To turn it up. I needed to give my business full focus. My sessions went from $199 to $799.  I focused on delivering nothing but empowering (and tangible) results to woman who were serious about their soul purpose work.

I sold out my intensives through referral, and tuned into the dominant fear programs that were stopping revolutionary woman from taking revolutionary action. I turned on my ‘mission ignition’ and got to work.

I began to drip feed the mission of my dreams into the world, The House of Magnificence, a home for service based entrepreneurs to revolutionise their business’s. I focused on principles that honoured collective growth, and ‘service’ as a currency,  so that service based entrepreneurs were given the opportunity to grow their businesses quick smart, by taking action so that they could finally make money in a magnificent way. In just 3 weeks, (and a launch that was cut short due to acts of Grace),  I had called in women who were soul shakingly ready, making five figures in revenue, and five figures in service currency to go towards the next big offer for The House. (More on that another time).

In that moment, I knew purposeful missions were made to be profitable.

This mission ignition cycle cost $0 to launch. Every skill I used to deliver the mission came from 10 years of academic and spiritual training, four small group program deliveries and a lot of taking action.

My mission, not just another business idea, was an expression of purposeful art, with one intention. BIG change for every single person involved. I wanted to change the delivery of purposeful services. I wanted to eradicate communism in entrepreneurship. I wanted to reintroduce shared value and innovative business practices, amplified with a deeper understanding of the nature of the soul. I wanted to develop a system for economic and social growth.

That's when it hit me, "Missions' that mattered, would spread"

Launching a soulful mission that matters needs full throttle ignition. You can spend $0 on launch costs, have a small social media following, and call in five figures in revenue. Profitable purposeful missions are possible.  Not only because of the strategy or because meditation warriors are disciplined. Missions are profitable when you back your values, devote yourself to action when you need to, and focus on serving a mission that helps others get results. 

So, If I can create magnificent money from my mission, why can’t you?

Maybe it's time to stop postponing your mission?

Sometimes a start and finish line works wonders.

Mission Ignition teaches you how to get your purposeful profitable mission, out into the world.

You are…

A service based entrepreneur with a huge mission, and want to make the shift from offering 1-1 sessions and exchanging time for money?

A business owner who wants to be a phenomenal mum, partner and ‘soul cocoon’ specialist, but you’re stuck on social media chasing your next client?

A high vibin woman who flows between preaching and procrastination because you are in a constant battle with planning. 

Spending hours with your head in books, soaking  up live stream series, wondering how people who started their journey the same time as you are serving up magnificent work… giving you feels like.. How?

Starting is one thing. Mission Ignition is another..

Feel into it..

You have..

Launched a mission with flare, your own unique flavour. And it is helping create change, rather than planting fear.

Begun transforming lives daily, you serve with devotion and conviction. Purposeful profit is proving to be oh so possible..

‘Shared value’ principles in your service and your tribe loves your mission just as much as you do, preaching about you and your mission on a daily.

A unique ignition cycle and you know exactly how to take action on every purposeful idea your intuition ‘flows’ your way.

Built something so phenomenal, you can barely stay in your body. Your business reflects your training investments and you feel inspired by your mission results every single day.

How does that feel?

You see, Mission Ignition teaches you how to see, create, preach, and launch that mission you’ve been toying with in a way that is purpose fuelled, and profit billed. 

Indulge yourself in your why, because Mission Ignition is your how..

Even if your mission isn’t yet clear….

Mission Ignition is an accelerated journey for fresh missions to birth and long timer’s to take it to the next level. Six devotional, laser focus weeks will help you bust out into the online world

Worried your social media following is small..

No problem, we believe in serving tribes not ‘likes’ and tell you exactly why this will keep you in business for the long run. We share real life case studies, including my first sold out program from only 1000 followers..

You don’t feel like a social media goddess..

Social media is a platform for storytelling and dropping expert content. Mission ignition covers purposeful posting, so you can go 1 month without posting and still be a high flyer in business

Tune in with the 6 Mission Ignition Modules below..


Monetise Your Media

Discover why picking your platform and generously serving your tribe is the key to growing your business, all whilst creating your viral mission content.


Magnificent Sight

Learn how to see beyond your clients perceived problems and provide real shared value solutions that revolutionise your business forever.


Mission Delivery

Want to know how to ensure your clients get results? Learn how to package your mission delivery so that your clients never want to leave your services.


Ignition Rhythm

Find your intuitive and strategic rhythm. Indeed, your ‘mission ignition‘ has a rhythm. Learn how to tune in and plan your mission from creation to income satisfaction.


Proud Preacher

There’s no time for average, learn how to deliver high value content that connects and serves. We’re breaking the online ‘noise’ of average, by only creating magnificent high value content.


Bring The Heat

Bring the heat with energy and momentum using an intuitive formula to mesmerise your audience. Mission ignition on, there is no time to better than now, lets put it out there.

Why choose Mission Ignition?

Mission Art

Bonus training – create your purposeful profitable mission. Without purpose, there is no mission. It’s time to see where you are holding yourself back from making magnificent money..

Action Container

Take action in a ‘time container’ with resources focused on helping you get results. You will never feel like backing out, and finally get the success you want.

Tribe Energy

Never stay stuck, get the support you need to stay focused, inspired and held by a group riding the same wave. There is nothing more potent than tribe vibes.

Ignition Templates

Don’t let the technicalities slow you down. Get template access: How to structure your mission delivery, The Content Delivery Formula (and examples), Create a purposeful sales page.

Join Mission Igntion

Magnificent Access


Retreat & Bonus

  • 3 Day Retreat Bali (Accomodation, Aiport Pick Up + 2 daily Meals)
  • 2 x 45min Private Session with Kowhai
  • Bonus Trainings: Your purposeful, profitable mission, Social media goddess, Sales by invitation.
Pay In Full


Bonus Trainings

  • Your purposeful, profitable mission – The thing that makes your mission grow is the when its new, fresh, and never been done before.
  • Social media goddess – You may think you don’t need social media, but let me show you how to use it to blow your business up so that your services are go international, all from the comfort of your laptop.
  • Sales by invitation – No one likes a hustle approach sale. Learn how to master sales through invitation so that you never feel icky again
Pay Over Time


6 x fortnightly payments

  • Get ready to start as soon as the program begins.
  • Bonus Training: Your purposeful, profitable mission.
Are you getting the feels?

Close your eyes and tune in..

Dear God,

Enter my mind,

Direct my thoughts,

Use my speech,

And take action of my life.


If you feel light and inspired, it's time to take action.
Magnificent Access


Turn on your Mission Ignition & join Kowhai on retreat
Pay In Full


Turn on your Mission Ignition & get 3 bonus trainings
Pay Over Time


Turn on your Mission Ignition, join for 5 fortnightly payments.
Mentor for Spiritual Revolutionist

I’m Kowhai,

I’m on a mission to revolutionise the way service based entrepreneurs grow their business.

I’ve launched a few programs and mentored woman all over the world, scaling my business to multiple 5 figures in less than 6 months with integrity, compassion and generosity.

Magnificent Access


Turn on your Mission Ignition & join Kowhai on retreat
Pay In Full


Turn on your Mission Ignition & get 3 bonus trainings
Pay Over Time


Turn on your Mission Ignition, join for 6 fortnightly payments.

Why choose Mission Ignition?

Learn from taking action or stay stuck with worry

Turning on the ignition for my five figure dream mission taught me that I spent 1.5 years worrying about the what and how when what I  should have been doing, was taking action. I invested in programs that focused on ‘learning’ rather than programs that focused on doing. 

Mission Ignition teaches you the skills you need with assignments that require you to ‘do’. We focus on ‘go’ and eliminate ‘slow’ so that you get results fast.

Calling out the training trap: If you’ve spent more time training and less time taking action…success will feel illusive and near impossible. Don’t get trapped, take action.

Skills for results: Each module focuses on helping you develop 1 specific skill so that you can get one specific result. Monetise your media, so that you make money from all of that time you are spending on social media. 

Live Workshop: Modules will be delivered workshop style, so that you can ask questions, and get feedback straight away.

Money momentum: Making money in your business is easier when there is momentum, you’re clear on what you want and you have a time frame to execute. A six week container gives you time to get everything in place so that your mission ignition is on, with a full tank of gas.

Kowhai Dalton

She's the woman with mission ignition

Kowhai is an international spiritual revolutionist who has changed the way service based entrepreneurs do business.

She loves to help service based entrepreneurs grow their business with spiritual and innovative solutions so that they experience profit and power gracefully. Kowhai moved to Bali with one intention, to say yes to revolutionising her 1-1 spiritual mentoring services. Just four months later she launched her mission, serving woman from all over the world, with a waiting list for the next enrolment.

You can find Kowhai tucked away in her cocoon in Bali listening to delicious body rolling tunes, while she channels her soul work into magnificent ways to inspire and empower her tribe.

Do I need to have a business?

Nope, you can be a newbie or a long time expert. The Mission ignition focus is ‘taking action’, so that you get the specific results you seek.

I have a thriving business, will this work for me?

Oh yes, turn on the ignition for that next big mission. Book, program, retreat, training, whether its launching your promo video with a bang, or reshaping your message to included innovation and shared value – it’s time to change the way we think about business!

Why is there a time container?

One question. How would you feel if you didn’t take action on your mission?… thats why there is a time container.

When do we start and how will the modules be delivered?

The 6 Week program starts on Sunday 2nd of September.

Enrolments close on the 27th August.

Each module will be delivered online in workshop format. You will be taught the skill needed to implement the assignment focused on bringing your mission to life. Each module will be recorded with plenty of time for you to ask questions specifically about your mission.

Can we work directly with Kowhai?

Magnificent Access members get’s full time email access to Kowhai + the private sessions. For group access, there will be facebook live free mentoring each week. Additional 1-1 mentoring will be available at a discounted rate. Email tribekowhai@kowhaidalton.com to get info.

Does Kowhai offer money back?

No, refunds are not offered, if you are ready to commit to your mission. There is only one way forward.