One Mission

There is only one mission. Spoken and often shared in different ways, yet still, there is only one mission. Our mission. And it is to remember how to love like God loves. To serve without limitation. To give with abundance. Our mission is to be the revolutionists of God Like Services. Miracle Workers. Service Revolutionists. Teachers. Leaders.

A mission provides direction. A true mission, a revolutionary mission, requires a shift in self awareness.

The shift: Release all limited thinking about who we ‘think’ we are.

A course in miracles says we are an idea in the mind of God. Which means we are one with the ultimate reality. Supreme being. All encompassing. Love. This truth can not be perceived or accessed by our physical senses. It can only be accessed through magnificent consciousness. Here lives limitless thinking, fearless devotion, sacred purpose, infinite abundance and reclaimed power.

Magnificent Consciousness – is having the awareness of this truth all encompassing truth, built on a thought system that surrenders only to this. 

We must move beyond ‘knowing’ this, and devote ourselves to the knowledge that is felt from being a disciples of this. Here in lies true freedom from suffering. No longer will we bow to the false reclamation of our power, unsteady mind, and projections of ego founded self esteem.

Revolution is not an idol thought that only ‘others’ achieve.  It is the effect of daily actions of radical responsibility and devotion to Our Mission.

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