My signature framework

Practice, Service, Process.

Are you an energy alchemist or soulpreneur ready to have it all?

Are you ready to be successfully known for your unique service and gifts?

Are you ready to be the wildly abundant leader you know you are?

Isn’t it time you live with freedom, flexibility and radical spontaneity?

Then, you my dear are ready to live Magnificently & Your Practice, Service, Process is your vehicle that will get you there.

The Time Has Come

It is time for you to Live Magnificently.

Run sold out trainings. Create your own method. Build an authentic online business.

It is time for you to be a Magnificent Soulpreneur.

And I am so honoured to say, I can get your there.

An extraordinary Soul-preneur honours the laws of the universe + leads with Magnificence™ in their..

Practice, Service, Process.

Through a decade of practice + study, I’ve pioneered my Practice, Service + Process framework, to mentor people with a burning soul purpose to create successful businesses that honour their spiritual + physical desires.

Magnificence™ is about…



Be masterful in your practice - explore the exquisite world of traditional + modern energy medicine techniques to become an expert. Learn how, what, why, which, when and where practices are most powerful.

To be masterful, you must be consistent, persistent and ready to know yourself. To know yourself, you must be willing to meet yourself. Magnificence is about this discipline. And I have created a signature daily practice that will humbly blast through any blocks your ego brings forth.



Metta. Big. Huge. You are here to create premium services. Here we’ll tune into your signature offers (energy), and put the support, systems and structures in place (physical) so you can build + grow a business whilst being present + loving what is.
No more playing small. Your premium offer to the world must feel good, and have structure. You’re ready + willing to build something bigger than yourself. Lets find the alchemy behind your unique service.



Success, Scale + the Sacred. Its time you build your mountain. Here, we align your heart and your mind-intelligence. Are you ready to build an abundantly successful business that matches your power + your heart desires. Awaken the ancient wisdom within you, align yourself with the sacred + serve.

The Offers

Various ways you can work with Kowhai to live magnificently in your soul + biz