Private 1-1 Mentoring with Kowhai

Have you been guided to share your gifts + powerfully be in service?
Are you ready to have financial + spiritual abundance + teach from anywhere in the world?
Isn’t it time you experience a soul business that empowers you + goes beyond your upper limit?

Then, welcome home.

Are you a powerful spiritual leader in business?

This Private Mentorship is for you

My expertise will help you live + breath magnificent transformation. As a Mentor for energy alchemists + soul-driven entrepreneurs, I guide people like you to create a powerful spiritual practice, a unique method or service, through a process that feels good + aligns you with success, and has the power to scale, all whilst honouring the sacred. 

This is divine alchemy. Here you learn how to be a spiritual leader that can powerfully serve in both worlds. Energy + Physical. 

Over the past decade, I’ve studied + trained all over the world, never quite finding the service, modality, or practice that satisfied my souls yearning. Now I know why. 

I’ve been ’training’ to create my own unique offer to the world. I’m a spiritual mentor, body movement specialist, energy medicine alchemist + online business strategists. 

My mission is to mentor and train spiritual revolutionists who are ready to reform modern soulful living. That means helping woman like you master your inner and outer world. 

My clients want to feel powerful, purposeful and magnificently successful in business.

By working with me you will have an intuitive business model and a unique magnificent offer  that will give you more power to serve.

And that’s why I now teach my signature Practice, Service + Process framework that creates successful, scalable business’s for my clients whilst honouring their soul awakening. With these pillars, soul-entrepreneurs + energy alchemists can be abundantly in service whilst serving their awakening. 

If you’re ready to be fearless, and do the work this will be your reality. 

A powerful spiritual leader in business has:

A spiritual practice gives you the power to meet your fear, master your limiting beliefs and create radical transformation. You become a fine tuned intuitive soul translator that can not only move through all that blocks you from living magnificently, but also gaining conviction in your own ability to hold space for others.  

A method + service that reflects your unique offer to the world, honours your journey to awakening and plants you as an expert, a divine creator, that is clearly busting through upper limits. Here, you instantly step into being the teacher, the mentor, the go to expert. 

A process that is successful, scalable and honours the sacred. Here is where your business creates magnificent potential to serve. Here, you will learn how to honour the ego + your soul.  The rational mind, and your heart’s intelligence. You become a extraordinary woman in service that will not be ignored. 

6 Month 1-1 Mentorship

This is how we will co-create:


  • Be magnificent in your spiritual practice + honour your soul awakening 
  • Dive into the purpose, philosophy and mechanics of spiritual practices.
  • Be an expert at engineering your consciousness whilst learning how to do the same for others.
  • Execute spiritual practice workshops + trainings for your business + clients
  • Develop your practice intelligence + learn how to intuitively provide tools for your clients
  • Develop a signature practice that you become known for


  • Identify + create your unique energy medicine method 
  • Create and implement a spiritual marketing plan that is magnetic
  • Develop your unique message and brand identity that positions you as an expert while building your loyal tribe
  • Identify and attract your soul clients whilst expanding your avenue to serve
  • Soulfully execute your intuitive strategies by masterfully being in service


  • Success: Identify what success looks like and means to you. Create a strategic + inspired action plan to help you achieve this
  • Scale: implement structure, automation and intuitive visions to ensure your business expands
  • Sacred: Honour the sacred always. Whether you use universe, god, spirit, Io, or ultimate reality – make time to always tune into this magnificent guidance.
  • Design + create a process that works for you + your business. 
  • Identify abundance desires + powerfully engineer your consciousness to embody this truth
  • Create an intentional business framework that honours time for vacation, training, karma + being in service 
6 Month Mentorship

Your 6 month package includes:

  • 15 x 45minute private session to master + scale your business
  • The Magnificence Process™  (My unique 3 part process that clears fear, connects you to your service goddess, and activate your soul purpose – and that also has a 100% success rate )
  • Unlimited feedback + support via email
  • Online community opportunities to be featured + positioned as an expert


  • 3 Hour intensive $799 

Pay in full bonus (all of above +)

  • Additional 3 Hour intensive $799 

Your investment: $6,500.00 or 6 monthly payments of $1.2k

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