Self Care: The answer to your next big career change


Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our Light, not our Darkness, that most frightens us.

–  Marianne Williamson


Find your blue print in self care!

I’m very excited to write about this, because it has been the formula to my continuous evolution in life. As a young girl, I’d always found so much strength and power in taking care of myself. As I transitioned from a teenager to young adult –  I was only ever focused on the ‘physical’ aspects of looking after myself. I exercised pretty heavily and was careful about what I put into my body. During this time of my life, it was all I thought ‘self care’ had to offer.

The moment I got on the yoga mat, my self care shifted drastically and so did my life.  Here, my practice offered me the courage and equanimity to meet difficult situations head in my life. It helped  me sift through the layers of misguided society-fed beliefs about what success was, layers of insecurities and layers of fears. My practice and self care is exactly what helped me move at the age of 24 from a life that brought me far too much stress, a battered immune system, and a mindset that played the ‘life’s so hard’ track over and over again to a now, healthy and happy young woman who mentors and teaches people to find this courage also!

Today my daily practices and self care rituals continue to provide me with the solitude I need/(LOVE), with the courage to POWER forward and the space to find intuitive clarity.

I shit you not, this is exactly where I go to cultivate business content, or workshop strategy, daily inspiration – and not because this is the line of work I am in. It’s because it is where I am able to test my self discipline, tap into my inner strength, and find clarity in the complex dialogue of my mind.

With this – I offer you insights into the formula, of how a practice and self care is the answer to your next big career change.


When we commit to a daily self care routine or practice, we are committing to more than our health. We are committing to ourselves. We are defying all society temptations (as often as we can) to reform to following a powerful path of our own. This is exactly how we learn to commit to our ideas, our life aspirations, our goals. When we bring a disciplined practice into our daily routine, we no longer focus on the negative aspects of life, with self discipline – we focus on exactly what we choose. We focus on what will serve us at the highest possible level, and begin to identify what does not.

It often begins with looking honestly at our environment – we may lessen our daily caffein intake, reduce our alcohol consumption, or limit ourselves from purchasing over priced material ‘things’ and spend that money on something more nourishing for our soul! Thinks retreats, self development trainings, or that dance class you’ve always wanted to go to!


With a self disciplined daily practice, comes enormous amounts of inner strength. Through steeling and strengthening ourselves in the kiln of a daily practice, we leash our capacity to be vulnerable, tender and open. In the Yoga Sutras, “Venkatesananda’, translated as ‘enlightened everyday living’ – which is the cultivated inner strength we aspire to live by.  

Step by step, we begin to reshape our lives – which takes complete inner strength – you ditch the Friday night drinks and head for a yoga class. Your chuffed. (This was definitely apart of my inner strength cultivation). Inner strength, is a limitless power that we each attain, however – like our physical muscles – must be strengthened through practice. When we transfer this inner cultivation to the mat – it can be seen as the moment we stay in down dog a few breaths longer than usual, or we drop our front leg a little deeper in Warrior II. When we persist and encourage ourselves to stay in this place of deep strengthening – we increase our ability to make the changes that we need. The critical, life expansive changes the world needs. We meet our fear head on,  immobilising disempowering beliefs and increase our power to do exactly what we want.


As our daily selfceare discipline and inner strength begins to weave seamlessly into our day – we are able to see things more clearly. As Donna Farhi states – ‘ we begin to see that our practice is less to do with standing on our head than standing on our own two feet..  transmuted by our intention to clarify the mind and open the heart’. Here, articulated beautifully, Farhi shares the transition we can attain to when a daily self care practice is intended to move beyond the physical.  And this is the sweet spot – this is where we find clarity in our own lives. Here we can grasp the steps that we must action. We can also tap into our meditation practice to find deeper states of clarity and minimise the busy daily thought extravaganza that our mind offers. Like water ripples coming to stillness, we begin to identify our belief system – we begin to identify what beliefs are ours, and what beliefs are apart of our conditioning. We get really clear on what we believe, where we want to go, and how we get there.

With a dedicated daily self practice, I have come from being a employee to a business owner. I have come from turning to extremal stimulus for happiness and conversational skills, to developing workshops and waving to every single person that I walk by. I am the biggest and most important investment in my life. When I action this  through self care,  those decisions that both excited me and scared me most – were non negotiable.   Now,  my daily practice is where I devote time to continue uncover different dimensions of myself whilst honouring how far I have come. May you discover this ability to truly know yourself.

With deep love and gratitude to you, Kowhai xx


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