Simplifying conversations with your soul

Simplifying conversations with your soul.

“Do I have what it takes” What we’re really saying is… I have forgotten who I am.

You see the real truth does not lie in the question “Do I have what it takes” It lies in our belief of who we are. It lies in our willingness to be certain of our true power.

I don’t know what the outcome will be… I’ve forgotten how to trust, help me remember my true power?

How do I know whether this is the right path… I fear that I am lost, and that I’ve been forgotten?

Help me see beyond this cloud of fear… I am out of my right mind, take the direction of my life!

Every fear based thought in our mind must be met and shifted.

You see it’s not that we need to practice being spiritual. It’s that we must remember that we are spiritual beings, and our only job is be who were made to be. The ‘illusion’ does not lies in the question “Do I have power…It lies is our unwillingness to accept that we in fact ARE power”.

We are divinity made manifest. We are God herself. We are magnificent by nature. (Here is where you add in the language that works for you).

For me it is magnificent consciousness. I am magnificent by nature. And my only responsibility is to live a life that honours this.

Magnificent Consciousness is the first of the 3 part framework that I teach to those creating and seeking on the path of the soul, because I believe it is the only tool you need to take powerful action in your life.

  • Why would we worry about failing when we saw every fall as a powerful teaching?
  • What could harm our ‘personality’ if we knew it was only a suit of clothes?
  • How could we wait for the perfect moment if we thought there was such a thing as imperfection?

This perspective is my truth, and can in fact be yours too and these questions are simply different ‘faces’ of the one question – Will I meet my true power? I’ve come to understand that simplicity amplifies conversations with our soul. Conversations with your soul activates spiritual intelligence and spiritual intelligence is innate to each and every atom in this universe. And yes that includes you and I. So how do we begin this conversation?

So I invite you to have 3 key conversations with your soul today…

  1. “Tell me how you like to communicate with me?”
  2. “Show me where to put my focus today, and I trust that it is everything that I need”
  3. “Turn up the heat”! (My personal favourite!)

All of my magnificent love, Kowhai xx

Many of you know I’m a #ProudPreacher of all things soul. 

What do you think? Do you feel you can start taking action to build your soul stamina? What is your dominant clair? How does your soul speak to you?

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