Spiritual Seeking: How to choose a mentor

By March 15, 2017Spirituality, Yoga

||SPIRITUAL SEEKING: How to choose a mentor||

The Seeker is in search of wisdom and truth wherever it is to be found

-Caroline Myss


There are many questions in a seekers mind. “What scriptures align with my truth right now? Which practice do I do today? to what am I truly seeking? One of the most un-answered or un-actioned of them all – ‘When to choose a mentor’.

Caroline Myss identifies the seeker as – ’They who seek truth and wisdom’. When we answer this calling, curiosity and exploration is required.

We explore teachings, we find truth in our practices – we seek our own experience.

The shadow side of the seeker can be referred to as the lost soul,” someone on an aimless journey without direction, ungrounded, disconnected from goals and others. The lost soul is a bi-product when the seeker becomes infatuated with a certain practice or teaching.

As a seeker who has seen both the light and the shadow, true to nature – I have found both truth and wisdom in my experience.

I believe, teachings have been documented for guidance only. Mentors are necessary for self transformation – however – you must have self discernment as a practice. The importance of finding ‘intention’ behind every action on your journey will exponentially cause less suffering on your seeking journey.

I have had mentors in the past, all whom have helped me shift tremendously in my journey. Between each mentoring agreement, I take time time (sometimes months) to integrate – which is where I find my own truth in the wisdom shared.  I have recently made the decision to move forth with my next mentorship for 2017 and will share with you my process.


What is my intention to seek mentorship?

Is it for guidance?

Is to have someone whom will listen?

Is it to discuss experiences?

How will a mentor offer this support?

Through regular one on one sessions

Share experiences, insights and possible paths of direction.

Sharing knowledge that you may have not been introduced to

Am I ready to make this commitment to myself?

Are my own practices in place?

Do I non-negotiably ensure my lifestyle supports this commitment?

Am I ready to show up and allow this guidance to move through me



They share ‘skills’ and practices that you can make your own

A mentor will encourage you to create your own experience

Wisdom is abundant and communicated in a way you  understand

Support and guidance is offered without expectation or judgement

Do not rush the process, stay open to the transformation. Seek with magnificence sister.


From my heart chakra to yours,  Kowhai x


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