Success In Service

Soul Clients, Sacred Contracts, Service Conviction

Success In Service Mastermind

Are your ready to gracefully call in your soul clients?

Success In Service Mastermind

I’ve created this mastermind to transcend the biggest frustration for spiritual entrepreneurs. Soul Clients + Money. Calling them in,  keeping them AND helping them achieve the greatest metamorphosis possible. 

Our duty to serve

I believe in duty. I believe spiritual entrepreneurs who have/are travelled down the path of awakening have a duty to serve ‘in’ the world. This means, learning how to ground your service offerings so you can confidently communicate both conceptual teachings, and concrete results.  What doe this mean? It means demystifying the process. It means stepping back, thinking like a human, and serving with Soul.

you not only share “what is possible’ but you share this with compassion and conviction. It means building connecting relationships . 

This is the mastermind for success. 

I’ve created this mastermind to train spiritual entrepreneurs like you to master service success strategies that set your soul on fire and increase your soul currency!

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Mentor for Spiritual Revolutionist

I’m Kowhai,

I’m on a mission to reform modern soulful living from broke to abundant. That means helping spiritual entrepreneurs like you, break free from broke consciousness and align with magnificent success.

I’ve combined 10 years of academic and spiritual education, to ensure you feel energetically aligned with your service AND get money in the bank. The Service In Success Mastermind is what will get you there.

“The most I love about working with Kowhai is her ability to intuitively identify fear blocks, she is very on point. I love her combination of soul + strategy. Whilst working with Kowhai found clarity on my mission and the intention of my soul work. Having Kowhai as a strategic and spiritual mentor has helped me ground my ideas and structure my business. I truly believe that every light worker needs to work with Kowhai, she really knows how to translate soul language into 3D reality. Working with Kowhai 1-1 long term, would help me bring my business powerfully to life. ”

Francesca FedeleIntuitive Guide

“I love working with Kowhai, particularly her inspiring energy and presence. I can’t fully express in words how powerful the Magnificence Process is. Kowhai was able to uncover information of my former life as a mystic which means I feel confident that I am once again moving forward on the right journey to do my work in the world. The intuitive and strategic session with her was a game changer. Working with her long term would be wow!! @agelessjess”

Jess ReidellTransformational Life Coaching

“I love working with Kowhai as every action in the whole process is soul guided.I have now gained valuable insights to understand, release and be absolutely free of my limiting beliefs.
I now have the awareness to walk forward knowing that I have the support to follow my dream of helping others. I received a wonderful transformation of what was holding me back, & no longer serving me all with ease & grace while Kowhai held the space. Kowhai has so many beautiful techniques to offer which I have loved & have now received so much value & information that will ensure the action I take will be purposeful, of value & heart centred. ”

Janet WaniBoho Wild Dreams – Reiki Practitioner

“ Kowhai's personality is so welcoming and warm. You can tell that she's really in alignment with her work and her offerings are built from love. I personally enjoyed her integration of yogi philosophy and her ability to teach me things by simply channeling my own energy. Her intuitive insights were Woah! There was a lot that was helpful to me. But most helpful would be that my inner self is calling for creative attention. Since we spoke, I've given careful attention to my creative side and I can literally feel my being becoming more in line with my soul purpose. I needed someone to "remind" me that my creativity is valued and must be shared. I had it in me all along...but Kowhai helped my inner self keep my mind in check. Kowhai also confirmed for me that I have to speak up more which was a great reminder. As women, it's hard to feel "ok" speaking our truth but she reminded me that speaking is at the core of my being and the more I keep to myself the more I'll get myself into analysis paralysis. I've been able to remove some blocks associated with investing in myself and trusting other boss-babes to help me in my journey. Having a strategic and spiritual mentor has helped me to stay present with myself while building a business for myself. It has reminded me that at the core of my business I have to be true to myself and in order to truly feel in alignment with my income. Business without heart is work. Business with heart is ease. I think working with Kowhai long term would seriously be life changing. I've listened to the recording of our session multiple times and every time I come away with more insight than I had the time before. I've gained a ton from Kowhai with just 1 50 min session. The amount I'd take away from 6 months would be life changing. So...if you're thinking about committing for that long--- know you are in good hands and be open to allowing yourself to fully commit to your inner wisdom.”

Juliann ButzYoga Teacher + Spiritual Entrepreneur

“Bek Tomarchio

Joyful Life Guide

My session with Kowhai was brilliant- in the way that she excellently held the space for my magnificence to shine and facilitated an exquisite and powerful intuitive process. There were clear insights, truths gleaned from my soul and specific actions for intentional transformation put in place. Her work is clear, graceful and pure. I loved working with her, would love to work with her again and would highly recommend Kowhai as a strategic and spiritual mentor. ”

Bek TomarchioJoyful Life Guide
Success In Service

Let's talk about what it will feel like

Lets get clear. Success in service is your birth right. You are infinite potential born to be made manifest. And your hard work, all of the training, all of the mentoring, all of the money you’ve spent on learning ‘how’ needs to be rewarded.

Energetically connect to this..

+ Knowing how to magnetically attract your clients simply by being you.

+ Feeling confident in what you can offer, communicate this with grace and bathe in conviction because you know what metamorphosis you can facilitate

+ Showing up for your business because it brings you so much joy

+ Building sacred relationships with your clients that last a life time

+ Knowing how to identify how you can get your client from being the dreamer to bathing in the dream

+ Backing your abundance dreams, by confidently backing the price of your offers

What you're feeling now;

Disconnected with the results

Feeling disconnected with the 'end results' means your aren't yet sharing your offers with conviction. You're confidence is low, and your content is communicating this uncertainty.

Lost for words

You're stuttering and hoping that your clients will by, rather than knowing they will say yes.

Depleted, asking yourself ‘is this right for me’

Your showing up every day, your creating magnificent content and no ones buying. The energy exchange is one sided, and your feeling all of the low vibes.

Uninspired and trapped in broke consciousness

Lets face it, when your not getting clients that you love, nor hitting your income goal, it feels like you're pushing 'sh*t' up hill. This energetic block creates procrastination, dis-belief and has you spending time in uncertainty.

Not tomorrow, not next week, today.

Ready to have me all up in your business?

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The Details

The Content

Start 1st Week March, 12 Weeks, 8 Modules, 8 Group Mentoring Calls, 3 Magnificent Woman

Your Investment

$999.00 (all.icl) or 3 Payments of $379.00

Pay in full bonus

2 hr Intensive (Lets go deep into your business and see what needs to shift for those five figure months)

What if...

Pondering? Ok.. here's a few questions I've already received..

I’ve been booking clients every other week, how can the mastermind help me make this consistent?

Consistent clients takes big action and making time to plan. Not only will we go over your plan in the group calls, you will get an exclusive training module to help you create a map that feels good.

I’m qualified like crazy, I just can’t seem to express my unique take and stand out. Can you help? 

Yes, yes and yes! Success In Service is all bout getting super clear on the metamorphosis you create, the process you use to get your clients there AND how you naturally offer it up. I then get all up in your business and help you extract the nuggets that scream, “I want in”.

Will I have to put aside a lot of time to be in this mastermind?

Approx 3 hours each week (Training, Implementation and Group Mentoring). If you’re ready to back your services and your business, you will most probably be willing to put in 5+. Trust me, once you receive that first soul client, you will be hooked.

Do I have to have a business already to be in this mastermind?

Yes, you will want to have business foundations in place ( ie. know what you offer, know how you want to show up, and be ready to show up for your business. (If your not sure email me, or ask about my 8 Weeks of Intuitive + Strategic Business Training Program)

How do I know I will get results?

Service In Success is a mastermind designed to get you results. If you do the work, (including showing up to group mentoring with questions + complete the homework) you will get results. How do I know this? Look, I’ve invested in programs that have made me $0, and I’ve invested in programs that have helped me hit 10k.  I know with conviction, that this mastermind can help you serve with success.

THE 8 MODULES for Success In Service

Each Module will be delivered by Video

Each Workbook will be delivered by PDF

Group Mentoring will de livered via Zoom

Life Time Access to Content

Module 1 - Confidence, Conviction + Communication

Learn how to effortlessly back yourself, your services, and the metamorphosis you can create. As always, we will work energy first, physical second. Expect to start implementing daily practices today!

Module 2 - Sacred Relationships

Client relationships need to be nurtured. Shift from desperation to magnetic attraction.  Learn how to serve with grace and create a clear pathway to asking for the sale.

Module 3 - Abundance, Self Worth and Pricing

Do the money mindset work. Align with authentic abundance, stand in your money worth and price accordingly.

Module 4 - Serving with grace and asking for the purchase

Leading on from knowing your unique service offer, nurturing the sacred relationship,  and abundance worth to serving with grace and asking for the purchase.

Module 5 - Discernment and Soul Clients

Discerning whether the sacred relationship relationship. Are they a soul client who wants to work with you, or are they frantic and looking for someone to do the work for them? Learning how to intuitively know they are a soul client or not.

Module 6 - The Alchemic Conversation

The alchemic conversation is all about knowing how to confidently lead the conversation, leading with conviction and having compassion for your client fears.

Module 7 - The Service Mechanics

Having everything prepared to make the service purchase process effortless. Get the details and templates in line. Contracts, disclaimers, terms of purchase in place.

Module 8 - Prepare for the next service purchase

Once the clients is a yes, and your service is purchased. Lets talk about what you need to observe during this relationship to take it to another another level.