The Call – Part 1

The Call: Part 1

We are all called, to create, to devote, to live a life that takes us to the depths of our perceived limitations so that we can bring them fearlessly into the light.

We are all called.

Purposeful work. Purposeful projects. Purposeful art. Purposeful music. There are so many ways we hear the call.

We are all called.

To a path of purpose that serves at the level of the soul. Think unconditional love, true expression, wisdom, spiritual council, energy medicine, compassion, reverence…

So much of the world is ‘stuck’ serving only at the level of 3D reality… selling people things that disempower them, instead of empower them. We must be prepared to create, say yes. And do the work.

We are all called. 

4 years ago, I felt this call and answered it.. Off I went into the world with my yoga mat and backpack. Today I work passionately with soul purpose service based owners, to help them master their craft, grow their mission, and make money in a magnificent way.

We are all called. Will you answer?

Cocoon Concoction  – I use the cocoon concoction method when I am called inward, to create. In this metaphysical world, you have the opportunity to birth creations.  It has helped me a lot, so I put it down on paper with the intention to help with your mission. I ask you questions, to provoke thought, and hopefully action, and it only costs you your email address. xx

All of my magnificent love, Kowhai xx

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