The Call – Part 2

The Call: Part 2

Most bypass the call. We have been pulled so far away from trusting our inner world, that we feel purposeless, unloved, disconnected, … from our bodies, our work, and the people around us.

The call to serve others. The call to create purpose-fuelled work. The call to remember our true nature.

We are limitless magnificent consciousness.

Our personality, and separate self can sometimes make this feel incomprehensible. We lack the ability to say how we feel, and feel what we say.

We shy away from doing what feels right, out of fear, and we stay in a cycle of doing what we think we should.

If you answered the call, today, with fearlessness and mercy, where would you be in 6 hours, 6 days, 6 weeks, 6 months?


6 weeks ago, I was in my Cocoon in New Zealand. In 6 Days, the first Intensive Retreat for the house will begin. Not too long after that, is Mission Ignition – a 6 Week program to take action on your very own mission. But first… sign up to my free training, you need mission clarity & conviction before we get moving on the next section:

All of my magnificent love, Kowhai xx

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