The House of Magnificence

Training Woman In Service

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Your Soul Purpose Work Matters

With devotion and education, everything is possible. It is time to take a revolutionary step in your soul purpose work.

Reform Your Spiritual Service

The House trains service revolutionists…

in spiritual mastery and business innovation, addressing the limitations of the world. Your expertise can no longer be pushed aside, now is the time for radical evolution. Limitation is a sign of illusion, creative possibility is true health. Take the journey to emerge through service.

This is your invitation..

To begin a deeper journey to live unbound. Free yourself from fear of creating a service that is bigger than yourself. Leave the constructs of the 'world' behind and gracefully follow the voice of your soul so that you fulfil your purposeful mission.

Be the most intelligent person in the room

Spiritual intelligence is emerging as a non negotiable path for the future of humanity. Learn how to master your spiritual sight so that you no longer surrender to the suffering of the world leading your family and community towards a limitless future.

Say yes, pave the way to your powerful future.

It is time to build the soul business that reflects your power and be visible in the world.

Our Specialties

Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts. A small river named Duden flows by their place and supplies it with the necessary regelialia.


Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts

Event Planning

Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts

Killing Competition

Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts


6 Month Certification:

A unique training experience for woman in service

Mode of Delivery

Online Education - Video Module Delivery, Private Mentorship, Online Sister Circle
Live Training - 9 Day Training in Bali

This Is The House of Magnificence

Where spiritual revolutionists curate and master their service alchemy

Our Mission.
To reform modern soul service from broke to abundant, to challenge the status quo of spiritual service in the modern age. To be seen. To be heard. To serve with unwavering grace. 

+ Your true nature is unbound magnificence, the world of time is the world of illusion. Cultivate soul stamina to bend reality and embody spiritual self-esteem to transcend all of the limitations keeping you small so that fear no longer directs your life.

+ Your unique magnificence is to be made manifest and your life is built around what you believe. Spend 6months with high vibin', thriving spiritual entrepreneurs who believe in money, mastery and miracles so that you your soul purpose work creates impact and income.

+ Conscious engineering is how you clear the lack and broke programs ruling your life. We spend 9 days in Bali, supported by the abundant nature and luxurious living so that every moment you are saying yes to abundance and increased income!

+ With a 100% success rate, master the Magnificence Process™, guide your clients into the realm of pure potential so that they can experience their God nature and make quantum leaps to empowered success!

+ Learn the rules so you can break them. Successful spiritual business's have a service process built on spiritual self esteem, devotion, and relationships. Find the holes, fill them so that you transcend self doubt and up level your life!

+ It's time for woman with soul to revolutionise their service so that they can make significant change in the world, experience freedom in all of her forms, and say yes to their magnificent life!

Lead by Kowhai Dalton - An international Spiritual Mentor and Revolutionist.


Access Training Handbook
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Key Dates

Applications Open October 2018
Cohort begins January 2019.
Bali Dates: 24th - 31st March

After 90 days of Spiritual Alignment you will feel...

Magnificently empowered. Deeply connected. A divine channel for grace.

A Channel For Grace

Open to receive and share guidance from God herself.

Energy Alchemists

Deconstruct and reconstruct consciousness through energy alchemy

Medicine Muse

Work with the sacred Goddess's of service to navigate soul purpose work

Prowess of Practice

Deepen and expand your practice to build Soul Stamina.

Are you ready to awaken your God Self & Know God herself?

A unique and powerful training for modern spiritual revolutionists

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After 90 days of Service Alchemy you will have...

Conviction in your service. An alchemic process of your own. An intuitive business model that makes money.

Abundance Consciousness

Energetic and strategic money making services that feel good

Unique Service Suite

Have unique services suite that help you stand out and feel empowered

Soul Clients

Effortless client attraction processes that call in your soul clients

Service (and Sale) Conviction

Know how to serve and make sales with grace

Reform Your Spiritual Service

Master the process of transformation on your own terms

6 Months of spiritual and professional development for aspiring and trained energy alchemists, teachers, and practitioners who wish to provide extraordinary 1-1- transformation and trainings for their students online and in the world.

The House trains revolutionists in four specific areas;

  • Unbound with Spiritual Magnificence
  • Applied Physical + Energetic Spiritual Practice
  • Intuitive + Strategic Business Development
  • Entrepreneurial Alchemy Leaders

Who is this for;

Woman who know they are here to serve the collective awakening through leadership, teaching, healing or modern mystical service.

Woman who are ready to challenge the status quo in spiritual service AND serve on an international scale (Retreats, Trainings, Mentoring, Coaching)

Those who are ready to say Yes. Yes to clearing fear, yes to reshaping their reality, and yes to magnificent success.

Woman who are ready to be full time in service and create ever expanding income.

Who is this not for;

Woman who are not ready to challenge the ancient paradigm of being spiritual and broke.

Those that do not yearn to master extraordinary intuitive business practice models the lead to transformation and success.

Woman who are not ready to meet their power and channel their unique magnificence into their soul purpose work.

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I love Kowhai’s personality, relatable, intelligent and supportive of your business. My client base has increased since working with Kowhai and I also came up with my first Group program. I feel excited about the possibilities, my ability to reach my goals and make good money living my mission. I’m all about energy and alignment so working with Kowhai who embodies this is the only way I want to work with others to take my business forward.

Claire Bell, Truth Compass Coaching

Kowhai's support and insight were invaluable in providing me with the decision to follow my heart and create the business of being me.
Before I started the program every business and business idea I had were financially successful but all lacked the same one thing, my Soul
I had a HUGE shift, through working with Kowhai I saw and embraced my role as a leader rather than a teacher, I saw that if I didn't step up then I was never going to be fulfilled, that it was time right now. Knowing Kowhai was there, that she had my back and saw me as both who I was in the moment and who I could be once I forgot all the things I was told I was was invaluable. Working long term with her I KNOW that I will reach all my dreams working at a deeper capacity with Kowhai with more ease and flow than I can on my own.

Chizelle Sharon, Writer, Speaker + Mentor

Training Delivery Details

8 Online Modules

3 Weeks ON + 1 Week OFF
8 Modules
1 x Full Magnificence Process with Kowhai (2 x 60min Sessions)
8 Alchemy + Theory Assignments ( 1.5 hr each)
3 Case Studies (3 hrs each)
8 Group Mentoring Calls (60min Each)
4 x 45min Private Mentoring Sessions with Kowhai
Intensive Retreat in Bali
Private Sacred Sisterhood Online Community

Best Of All..

You Have Life Time Access To Online Trainings
(So, you can refresh, reflect, and expand - because your soul work matters)

What You Will Master

Each module has been designed to ensure you experience your innate power, build soul stamina and bring your soul purpose work successfully into the world.

Module 1

Magnificent Consciousness: Embodying The Infinite

Learn how to think, feel, breath from a space of of pure potential. You are magnificent by nature. This is embodying the infinite.

Module 2

Unbound Alchemy: The journey to live unbound

To live unbound we must first understand Dharma – where we are going and why. We then unravel limitations by Channeling Grace. We remember this in an instant when we remember that we are, God Herself.

Module 3

Spiritual Intelligence

Spiritual Intelligence is innate, what isn’t, is our willingness to see this. Your spiritual intelligence is increased, or more effortless accessed through altered states of consciousness. Let’s experience who you are.

Module 4

Alchemise Your Future

Alchemise Your Future: through the invisible world. Energy first, Physical second. Just as we can permanently clear fear from past experiences and we too can apply the same laws to alchemise our future.

The most I love about working with Kowhai is her ability to intuitively identify fear blocks, she is very on point. I love her combination of soul + strategy. Whilst working with Kowhai found clarity on my mission and the intention of my soul work. Having Kowhai as a strategic and spiritual mentor has helped me ground my ideas and structure my business. I truly believe that every light worker needs to work with Kowhai, she really knows how to translate soul language into 3D reality. Working with Kowhai 1-1 long term, would help me bring my business powerfully to life

Francesca Fedele, Intuitive Guide

I love working with Kowhai as every action & the whole process is fully guided, and from a soul & heart centred place. The Group calls mentoring were beautiful & very high vibration. I’ve launched my new business of Reiki, Kowhai's meditation processes are beautiful and I will continue to use these to deepen my practice. Her help has meant I am confident to create the business I’ve dreamed of. Kowhai is a beautiful, serene Yoga Goddess working with her more would mean I would trust staying on my path & mission to be of service. She fully trusts, believes & has faith that I will succeed by showing up & doing the work.

Janet Wani, Reiki Practitioner

I love Kowhais energy you, can see and feel her excitement. She loves what she does and it shows. Her heart. free spirit, Beautiful, generous, sweet, fun, kind, loving, smart, knowledgable mentorship shines inside and out. She has taught me new daily rituals and practices that have increased my intuition. Since working with her I have added 2 new clients and my community continues to grow. I’m still working with her so feel there is more to add to this. She’s such a beautiful, kind hearted soul. There should be more people in the world like her. Imagine how beautiful, happy and calm our world would be. I really hope to meet in person one day.

Bec Peters, Creative Artists and Teacher
Module 5

The Creation Container: Innovation, Shared Value, Profit

The creation container is where revolution is born. We create services that provide solutions to our deepest values and beliefs. The House helps you develop an idea, whilst providing you with the highest conscious engineering tools to help you take action regardless whilst meeting any fear that may present itself to you.

Module 6

Leading + Delivering A Movement

Much like leaders, revolutionists are at the ‘foreground’ of evolution. The House teaches you how to lead a tribe, how to create a movement and delivery this movement with ‘heat’.

We discuss the pivotal difference between teaching and leading so that you can see when your energy cycles can be in best service to you.

Module 7

Creating Art

Artists create outside the lines. They let the art guide them. This is much like soul purpose work. There is no one formula that will serve all. With this approach, paired with creating solutions that solve real problems, revolution is born.

Module 8

Serve It Up

Launching Rhythms. The work has been done in the last 7 modules. Now, its time for a bit of admin in pre launch, learning to symbolically tune into your launching cycles and enjoy the revolution. 

Bali Metamorphosis

An Intensive training to ensure you embody every facet of the life as an alchemist

Natural Intelligence
Kowhai Dalton
Day 1
Alchemise Your Future
Kowhai Dalton
Day 2
Conversations with God
Day 3
A day in silence
Kowhai Dalton
Day 4
Magnificence Process™ - Decoding Consciousness
Kowhai Dalton
Day 5
Magnificence Process™ - Applied Practice
Kowhai Dalton
Day 6
Magnificence Process™ - Divine Alignment + Channelling Dharma
Kowhai Dalton
Day 7
RESTORE (Massage, Healing Restoration)
Day 8
Bali Spirit Festival
Day 9

Master Facilitator

Kia Ora, I’m Kowhai

I am an international mentor for spiritual revolutionists. I help revolutionists step into power, expand their soul purpose work and serve with grace! My mission - to reforming spiritual service. And The House of Magnificence is this made manifest. It is an absolute privilege to serve, what a life!

Training Modules Break Down

This magnificence can be yours for $5,750.00(all.incl)

Payment Plan Option: Deposit 50% deposit of Total 6 x Monthly Payments ($480.00)
Confirm Your Spot: $157.50 to confirm your spot. (Non refundable)

Questions + Answers

What certification will I gain?

You will be a trained practitioner in the Magnificence Process™ and a leading  Mentor of The House of Magnificence.

Do I need any qualifications?

It is recommended that you have previous health, spiritual or personal development training. This could be in the field of Energy medicine, Reiki, Yoga Certification or therapy training.

Do I need to have a business?

This 6 month program will help you start, build and grow your spiritual service. Learn how to build consistent income online AND in the world. We aim to double what you are making now through a 6 month container of fierce spiritual action. You will be mentored in the highest level of Spiritual Practice and Intuitive Business Practice.

Is this training for spiritual entrepreneurs?

The Mission trains you in four specific areas of spiritual and business development.

Unbound with  Spiritual Magnificence and Applied Physical + Energetic Spiritual Practice 

These two areas make up 90 days of Spiritual Alignment.

  • Go deep into spiritual practices that help you master your intuition and become a powerful channel for grace so that you make powerful soul aligned decisions. This is Magnificent Conscience.
  • Master the five layers of consciousness that make up your spiritual anatomy and create a unique process that only your are known for so that your clients come to you.

Intuitive + Strategic Business Development and Entrepreneurial Alchemy Leaders

These two areas make up 90 days of Service Alchemy.

  • Its time to put all of your hard work into a long term training/offer by creating a training, program and service process that rocks your business model so that you do not get in stuck in lack consciousness.
  • Spiritual revolutionists lead with a mission, build your soul business foundations with soul strategy to up level business model so that your prices and services are increased!
  • Be willing to master the pillars of spiritual service and watch your business grow through an intuitive business model so that you can work when you want to and still create the impact you desire

Is the Bali Training included in the price?

Yes, accomodation, training, guest workshops, 2 vegetarian meals per day, 1 x Balinese Massage,  are all included in the total price. (Not included – airport shuttle, scooter hire, insurance, flights, visa on arrival)

Is this program for woman who want to thrive in spiritual entrepreneurial ship?

The choice is yours.

+ The power of the program lies in Spiritual Entrepreneurship. The House has created their training program to the highest level of Spiritual Mastery + Service Alchemy totalling 500hrs, both practical and theory.

+ You will receive a Certification from The House of Magnificence as a Trained Transformation Mentor, with a logo and reference for your website.

Is this training for woman who are already trained in a modality?

Yes. You will be trained as a practitioner in the Magnificence Process™, however – the emphasis on this specific training is to provide you with engineering consciousness mechanics of distant transformation to help you curate your own unique alchemic service.

**In completion of the training you will have the option to registered as a practitioner of The Magnificence Process™ also.

Is this training a career path where I can make money from my gifts?

The House teaches conviction, if you have this, you can do anything.

**Success In service is the Mastermind that you will be invited to join for ongoing training for those ready to scale their soul business.

Service Exchange Scholarship

The House is a home for innovation, shared value and spiritual solutions to grow your service business. Pay it forward with 30% of the tuition with your services, less financial risk so that BIG leap doesn't seem big at all!

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