The House of Magnificence

Training Women in Service

Your Revolutionary Work Matters

A training that makes things happen.

Revolutionary services are God Like services that solve problems.

They connect a tribe, lead a movement and create change. They are built with compassion, generosity and innate intelligence. Learn how to take direction from the small still that speaks in possibility. And if you do it well, you will learn how to build a purposeful, profitable business you are deeply inspired by.

The most intelligent person in the room.

Spiritual intelligence has emerged as a non negotiable path for the future of change. We have given our power over to self indulging forms of practice and superficial levels of service, forgetting what our true purpose is. To remember who we are, and be fierce on our pursuit.  If training in another modality is what you seek, and business growth is not what you want to work on, this is not for you. It is time to lead our tribes towards a revolutionary future.

You will be trained

In spiritual intelligence and business innovation, so that you can learn how to create a sustainable, scalable service that changes lives. Your expertise will be seen and heard here, we don’t believe in hierarchy. You will be encouraged to take action quicker than most. Rise to the occasion.

Designed for revolutionist. With Stamina.

This 6 month training will teach you, inspire you and connect you to women who will hold you, support you and help you reach a collective audience who believe what you believe.

We don’t compete for business, we focus on unique creation, and momentum. Commit to 15 hrs, 3 weeks on, 1 week off, prepare yourself to be the space so that your God Like service emerges,  develop timeless skills through practical application and step gracefully into power, soul devotion, and service expansion.

What's included:

+ 20 plus hrs of On Demand Video Training
+ 8 Live Group Mentoring Calls
+ 8 Workbooks to provoke self mastery + service possibilities
+ Live Online Private Sister Community
+ 15 Proven Tribe Driven Marketing Projects to grow audience list and get clients
+ 3hrs 1-1 Private Direction with Kowhai
+ 8 Night Training Bali

+ Full Service Business Plan to predict scale and profit
+ 4 Revolutionist Activities to start leading
+ Live Retreat Workshop Audio
+ On Demand Spiritual Practices
+ Long Term Training Access
+ Regular Digital Media Exposure
+ Profiled on the The House Website

For Service Creators & Action takers

How the training works.

We’re moving unbound.

Live unbound. Creating a service is one thing. Putting it into the world is another. If you are unable to take responsibility for your own choices, this training is not for you. If you are willing to take a leap, do the work, master the alchemy and creation skills that will help you get there, then please, continue reading.

Delivered on demand through video trainings, thought provoking spiritual directed activities, 15 marketing delivery projects, shared value collaborations,  online group workshops and a training in Bali. There is 300+ hours of work to be done in a 6 month container. If you feel your work in the world is inevitable, you will thrive in this movement.

Learn to See, Create, And make change.

Training on Hold

Our training model

Following an application process, The House delivers a condensed container teaching experience. Personalised project feedback, mentoring, curated reading list, art directed launching principles, 15 projects to build your tribe, create your service and get it out into the world to get revolutionary leaders to a God like level in service.

Its time to move. What you learn.

Learn how to take direction from the soul

Learn to see with symbolic sight

Develop  a service that’s magnificently unique

Communicate in ways that resonate with your tribe

Intuitively diagnose problems, provide lifelong solutions

Lead the revolution of innovation, shared value and collaboration

Delivery is everything. Teach, lead and get your clients transformative results

Build the foundations for a profitable, purposeful business from where you are

Grow your audience with journey telling, position your service and get it into the world

Who is it for.

Women. Soul shakers and mission makers. Big ideas, big dreams, and stamina are all welcome here. Formula followers, this particular training is not for you.

Why was The House developed.

The world needs more women to say, ‘follow me’. With deep universal spiritual understanding, so that the limitations of the world do not alter their leadership. We want to demolish hierarchy and embrace equality, in conscious business practice, purposeful profit, and innovation. Its time to be resourceful and collaborate for rapid service growth. 

Why its a better training.

Most trainings focus on systematical processes. Because their is a ‘formula’ to follow. We train you to be still, listen and create, we teach you the mechanics of processes, so that you have intuitive guiding principles for your own wisdom.  The House focuses on skill development, and practical application, based on timeless wisdom. Be a risk taker, take a leap, and do something unique. 

What we do thats different

Train In Person

8 Day Metamorphosis – 100hrs

The House has a leading process designed to serve those yearning purpose. The Magnificence Process™. It is an intuitive alchemy process that eliminates boundless thinking. We teach spiritual mastery + devotion in person, over 8 day training in Bali.

Service Exchange As Tuition Currency

Pay 25% of our training tuition with your service.

Service Exchange as currency meets your business investment fear with your expertise. We see your power and we see the direction you’d like to go. Why? Because we’re heading there to. There is no hierarchy here. Only leaders guiding leaders. Create an offer will serve our tribe and get $1500.00 off the total tuition.

Emma Deschenes

Rebecca Strugnell

We Host Your Work

The Initiative On Demand

Service exchange offers are documented digitally and hosted on the house “On Demand’ site saving you time, money and the marketing frustration, so that you can focus on delivering jaw dropping teachings.

We are the leading training program for woman in service
To Give. Service.

We can not receive what we are not prepared to give. With higher thinking, comes greater possibilities. Learn from Kowhai’s Case Study of “The Service Exchange” initiative and create your own.
Action. When to go.

Dropping into action and dropping into stillness is mastery. Find the balance of your own cycle throughout the training through weekly group enquiry with Kowhai. Get exclusive in bonus workshop with Kowhai.

A container of women leading women. Leave your ego’s at the door. Reach out, be held, and be prepared to be lovingly snapped into line. Bonus: Experience service exchange workshops in person in Bali and on demand.

Bi weekly projects are infused throughout the training to get you in front of your tribe. Masterclasses, Interview Series, Workshop Delivery. Revolutionist emerge, when revolutionary action is taken. Big or small. It all counts. 

A proven way to be revolutionary. The Investment

With Service Exchange

$4,500.00 (nzd + processing fee)

  • 20% Deposit of full tuition to confirm your spot
  • Payment plan option (+3% per transaction)
Book Your Interview
Without Exchange

$6000.00 (nzd + processing fee)

  • 20% Deposit of full tuition to confirm your spot
  • Payment plan option (+3% per transaction)
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Close your eyes and tune in..

Dear God,

Enter my mind,

Direct my thoughts,

Use my speech,

And take action of my life.


Mentor for Spiritual Revolutionist

I’m Kowhai,

I’m on a mission to help revolutionary woman step into service and grow their business.

I’ve launched a few online programs, run in person workshops and trained woman from different pockets of the word. I have a vision that service revolutionists will bring great social and economic change to the world.

You can find me cocooning, yoga-ing, reading, studying, life-indulging and serving in New Zealand or Bali.

Free Live Lecture: Spiritual intelligence

The Modules For Revolution


Magnificent Consciousness

We are pure magnificent consciousness. Much of our time together will be spent consciously remembering how to live with this ultimate truth.


Unbound Alchemy

Attitudinally align to the higher principles of alchemy, so that hearing the direction for that next step, is not only received, but received and readily actioned.


Spiritual Intelligence

Innate to us all. Unbind the complexity, and master the simplicity. Learn exactly how to convert fear into love and release yourself from limitation.


Alchemise Your Future

Our favourite module. Learn how to pull back the illusions of the ego, develop symbolic and archetypal power with your own energetic support team.


The Creation Container

Learn the higher conscious principles of divine creation, spiritual manifestation, sustainable service growth and be ready to rise to the occasion.


The Delivery Principles

Too much of our industry create yearning short term results. By pass short term action, and lead with long term vision. This is sustainable growth.


The Connection Culture

This one invites soul fire. Symbolically see problems in the service industry culture, and lead a movement with momentum towards tribal revolutionary change.


The Launching Cycle

Be prepared to do a lot of projects. A tonne of high energy. And many moments for growth here. Launching has rhythm. And we each have our own. Time to learn yours.


The Magnificence Process™

The Process. Taught for medicinal purposes. Learn the conscious altering experiences that break bonds of dense illusion, clear the undercurrents that stop purposeful direction.

I'm worried about the time container & work load.

The time container is the extra devotional push. Time is an illusion, and the container is a tangible action to help you meet this fear. Also – you can hear from a few past students about how they found the delivery container.

What dates should I be aware of?

Enrolments close: 2021 June (unless all spots filled earlier)

Training Commences:  2021

Bali Dates:  2021

Deposits paid to confirm your spot. This is an intimate training, so ensure maximum transformation for students.

See training module dates in handbook: 2021

Bali details - whats included?

+ Accomodation + 2 meals per day

+ 1 Balinese Massage

+ Training Package from The House

+ Welcome Lunch

+ Final Evening Closing Dinner

Not included: Flights, Insurance & Transport.

Is this a training that will help me grow my business?

15 Marketing Projects to grow your client base will be on video demand.

Challenges will be interweaved throughout to help you keep building momentum.

Each module workbook will give you prompts to take action on expanding your service offers.

I'm unsure of what to offer for the Service Exchange, what's been offered in the past?

We’ve had a range of yoga teaching, alt therapy workshops, marketing management, graphic design and mentoring offers. Show us what your’ve got!

*The price that we work with is 1 hour masterclass is worth 200.00

**Be creative, have fun and offer your workshop content. All exchanges can be discussed in the application process.

What's involved with the application process?

Fill out the application, offer your service exchange (if you wish to apply) and expect to have an interview with Kowhai to discuss where you would like to go in the 6 month container.

What is the refund policy?

We are running on a customer service built business model, so we don’t offer refunds. Be sure you are keen to take the leap when you sign up.