Yoga: The practice that turned me into a fearless badass

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SUTRA 1.13: The practice of yoga is the commitment to become established in the state of freedom.

I have will never stop giving credit to my practice for helping me become a bit of a fearless badass – let me share with you just how the journey began.

Prior to my practice start date, my life was driven largely by my neurotic patterns to please others; work myself into the ground; keep up with the latest and greatest material goods. This life ethic was serving my career and my social life tremendously, my immune system however… not so much. However at this time in my life, this wasn’t particularly alarming, because I had found the perfect antidote. 4 days of exercise and healthy meals, 2 days alcohol and drugs. 1 day recovery.  With this ‘balanced life’ I was managing to hold drugs and alcohol responsible for the ‘lows’ and exercise and health for the ‘highs’. And when we look at life in a linear level, there was a lot of truth in my ‘antidote’.

After a while, the lows began to creep in to other days of the week. Other areas of my life. The signs of ‘your on the wrong path girl’ began to fly at me. I was struggling terribly with how I saw people, my partner, and particularly myself. But of course, my ego wouldn’t go down without a fight. Lets try one more weekend.

Another few $ down the drain, a head ache and a battered immune system. That was the last straw.

I knew I had some choices to make and I knew they had to be made pretty soon. I decided to head home to the beautiful far north of New Zealand – where I was able to pull myself out of my big city life in Melbourne, and touch back in with the land. Family. Myself. I needed to remember my connection to spirit, my connection to self, and there was no place stronger to do this than in the land of the long white cloud.

Returning to Melbourne, I slowly began to implement the changes I needed to make to. At this point in time, I wasn’t sure where the changes were directing me too, nor did that really matter. I decided to follow the ‘feel good’ feeling. First up, was yoga.  I joined a beautiful small studio in the city, and showed up 2-3 times per week, changing my weekly routine to 4-5 days gym & yoga, 1 day leisure (Wine and dine – I lives in Melbourne after all!) & 1 day study. My yoga practice took a lot of the chaos out of my life. Or shall I say, my yoga practice helped me dedicate a re-ordering to my life.

The practice encouraged me to meet myself, my ego, my fear, my neuroses – every time I got to my mat. Yoga offered a kindness that I had never let myself receive or experience and poetic guidance that directed my curios mind chatter. I was hooked!

6 or so month passed by, with a semi regular practice – and I had handed in my notice at work. I began making the necessary adjustments in my life to set me free of the restrictions I had so strictly put on myself. With little expectation and plenty of curiosity surrounding the possibilities of my future  – I prepared for my solo travel journey – with no plans on returning home. I was ready to experience LIFE.

This was when I realised – I had become a bit of a bad ass.

I was beginning to see the unnecessary suffering and pain I had been causing myself – from the restrictions, expectations  and nullifying behaviour I had been dragging myself through. I was beginning to break free. I gave myself space to truly experience trust. This was it. In this moment, of non suffering, I stood in my power – I’d fallen in love with this ‘Kowhai’ who stood before me.

The essence of yoga

Yoga is a centuries old spiritual practice, tradition, science of union with the divine, with truth. When ignorance overrides this truth – we see each other and ourselves as seperate or alone. We choose suffering over life. By allowing this false perception to stand as our truth, we give away our power. Yoga carefully outlines a philosophy of how we can disentangle ourselves from the nonsense that we are bombarded with today through mass consumerism and materialism. With consistent practice we begin to recognise the transient objects, emotions and thoughts in our lives to those of utmost importance.  We embody our truth through movement, stillness and resynchronise our breath with the humming vibrations of the universe. With much,  much practice – we learn to maintain our equanimity in the most difficult circumstances.

Up your OM

In the world we live in today, people choose suffering over happiness time and time again. We suppress change and evolution with fear. We suppress growth and success with comfort. We refuse to see ourselves, what we have to offer, and how we can live a truly fulfilling life.

Through the practice of yoga, there is no pathway that does not move your past this change. Every time we roll out our mat, we are making a commitment to be the best we can. We move through our practice to find a different perspective of every situation we are met with. We build resilience, we bow with compassion and leave our mats hoping to share these insights with others.

When we show up to your mat. Every day. Dedicated to be the best we can.

It’s official. We’re a bunch of bad-ass yogi’s.



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