Trust. What not to compromise.

For most people, (ie. anyone not at the level of Gandhi, Nelson Mandela) we are not learning to  gain trust in the universe, in higher visions. That level of trust can not be accessed on the physical plane.

For most, we are learning to trust in ourselves, in our own guidance, and the only way to do this is to take action. We are hardwired to feel fear at the survival level. Ie, do I feel safe in this environment. And the only way we learn how to gain this level of trust within ourselves is to try it out. To take action on the guidance and be willing to learn from the ‘failure’, learn from the leaps.

From there, the higher level of trust in the universe, is organic.

So, if you are in fact on a path to heal yourself, to empower yourself, it’s best you not compromise any guidance you receive. You must only, take action.

All of my magnificent love, Kowhai xx

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