What fear does your mission meet?

Powerful missions meet a single collective fear.

At the deepest level, there really is only one real fear. And that is that we are seperate from the might force, God herself. More on that another time.

A collective fear, is a ‘fear’ that is felt by a collection of people. Your job as a mission creator, is to find that fear. Seek it out, hunt it down, get familiar with the many ‘faces’ it will wear and return that fear to its true nature.

If it is a fear that believes it is broke, think of all the ways you can create something that helps that fear see itself as abundant.

If it is a ​fear​​ that believes it has to play by the rules, think of all the ways you can create something that helps that fear use it’s initiative.

It is often far simpler than we think. So simple, we often over think it.

All of my magnificent love, Kowhai xx

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